Horse year horoscopes

Finally remember that the year invite you to get things out of your chest, especially traumas or baggage that would stop you from inviting love in your life.

Year of the Horse: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

The Pig year can actually assist you into finding a better job and your true calling. This applies to your career too: and if you are not yet doing a job that you love, time to find your true calling. The first half will let you explore your personality and formulate plans for years to come. The second half shall give you at least one opportunity to take on a new job, or a better position inside the company you are working for.

There is however a catch: it might come with a relocation, or work that is far from your current home.

It would be wise to look into it however, as the year of the Pig invites you to take chances and build on a stronger future. There could be some discussion to have with your partner about changing work and relocating. Hear again such opportunity would be with conditions you need to adapt too, but would benefit your work.

There are no money signs for you Horse during this Pig year, but associations or new positions should eventually pay off, especially two years from now during the Tiger year.

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Play the long game rather than looking at short-terms benefits. Look into my monthly Feng Shui membership for an easy method to boost your luck and money through the year! Your personal evolution is the area of your life that can benefit most from the energy of the Pig year, Horses. It is an excellent year to undergo therapeutic work, such as a short psycho-analysis, family constellations, hypnosis etc. You are helped to talk about your traumas during the first part of this year. If you accept to do this work early on, you should then undergo a personal transformation during the second half.

The right people and offers could come to you more naturally. The Universe will basically reflect on your inner work, and asks you to take chances and step up your game. Every transformation comes with a bit of anxiety and some pain as you will be shredding to get a new skin. You could develop some ailments during the year, such as a temporary burnout or some feeling of being lost for directions. Horses' income will increase due to promotion. They should try not to make risky investments in stock funds.

If Horses want to try their luck, they should buy lottery tickets. They will be successful in investing with experienced friends and will be greatly rewarded. They should pay attention to profit fluctuations, depending on their own judgment rather than trusting others blindly.

Horse Years

On the love front, female and male Horses will have different outcomes. Female Horses will be lucky in love, and they can marry their lovers.

Chinese Astrology: The Horse - Personality & Compatibility

Good fortune will smile less on male Horses. They will suffer from great pressure of love and little progress will be made in relationships with their lovers. In Chinese astrology, the traditional Chinese solar calendar is used to determine months. Hence the first month of the zodiac year begins in early February, within 2 days of February 5, and so on.

The Horse Year Personality Horoscope

We have, however, used the Chinese lunar calendar for below, as it is most commonly used in "popular astrology". For more explanation, see The Chinese Calendar.


Month 1 in the Chinese lunar calendar will be a rather lucky month for Horses in terms of careers. They will gain twofold results with half the effort, with the help of benefactors. The first month will not, however, be good for finances. Horses will have to pay great attention to everything.

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At the end of month, there will be an unexpected harvest. In month 2, Horses will have good fortune in their careers and will successfully accomplish their plans. In month 3, Horses will do what they are good at in their careers and get along well with their colleagues. In month 4, Horses' fortune may take a turn for the worse due to alignment with the jealous God of Age star Tai Sui.

Chinese Astrology Horse and Tiger Compatibility

Nothing will go smoothly, so they should be careful when they go outside. They should take special care of their property, to guard against losing money because of accidents. In month 5, something will hinder Horses in their careers.

They will need to avoid gossip at work. Horses will lack financial luck this month. They will earn money only when they insist on working in their original careers. Horses may have some opportunities to earn extra funds this month. They should, however, pay attention to safety at home to avoid being victimized by burglars.