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But he only has time for one. I feel he is terribly talented and interesting. I just wish he had more time and that he wouldn't evade tough answers. So, that's my take for anyone interested. My career interpretation was the kitchen sink But everything made sense. It just didn't really narrow down anything. Astrology shows what is probable, what will manifest in someones life should they follow their unconscious desires.. We all have free-will and have the capacity to overcome any "negative" astrological influences, although it may be difficult.

Paramahansa Yogananda was said to have 3 wives based off of his natal chart reading, of course, that never happened. He became a monk instead. The more you meditate and gain perspective on the unconscious patterns you are creating, the more power you will have to transform them and create the reality you so desire.

But I don't think you understand what I was saying. What I'm saying is that KRS focuses his readings on possible auspicious times rather than being forthcoming about the querent's karma. How a person lives with or chooses to confront their karma has nothing to do with what time would be great for them But KRS pretends that everyone is on equal footing that way. Sure, someone "not meant for marriage" can make marriage happen anyway.

Jaimini Astrology

That usually tends to fail. But they won't even know they have to make that decision unless the reader is forthcoming on the subject. Discussing the actual potential in a chart and flat out fabricating potential because you don't want to hurt someone's feelings are two different things. Since he admitted he pretty much does this in the marriage arena, it makes me wonder how much he says is true or twisted and padded to avoid hard topics. I don't think he is fabricating potential, it falls on HIS karma if he tells someone something negative and they believe it and act on it.

He will tell someone if there are some difficulties or if there will be things that are very easy and flow well, but he is wise to not get HIS karma all entangled in that.

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It a very dangerous thing to be coming from a place of higher knowledge, people tend to really trust and go by things said by people with this type of knowledge- and what if they are wrong? Astrology is such a vast science that ALL astrologers are wrong sometimes He is protecting himself by offering advice in a way that doesn't have as much potential to hurt others or himself IP: Logged. You have to read between the lines, if he brings up any "difficulties" those would be harsher aspects in your chart and any "positives" he brings up would be nice, easy-flowing aspects.

No aspects guarantee any sort of experience so he is only discussing options Or not wanting to be responsible for someone who solely makes life decisions based on astrology. I don't doubt he's a good astrologer or person. Maybe the argument is "Well, why would you ask me what dog food to buy when you don't have a dog? I never said I'd tell you if you'd own a dog.

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I just said I'd tell you what food to buy it, if you did. So, I guess it's best to consult a traditional vedic astrologer for blunt answers. But there always seems to be something lost in the translation. It seems that you want some fatalistic force to blame this on or attribute it to.. All great masters have said this. Astrology is meant to be used as a tool so that we may see the patterns that we fall into, not as chains that bind us to a fate or destiny. You seem to not want to believe that it could be your destiny to find love. The fact that you refuse to believe it is the sole factor that is keeping you from love.

Do you know how many billions of people there are on this planet.

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Do you know that most everyone is searching for love. Don't you think if you should believe it possible and actively put in effort that you could find someone too? It is not too far-fetched. I have seen so many people who have gone to famous Vedic astrologers who have told them they will die at this age, get divorced at this age, etc. What is this going to do for your life to hear someone give you the blunt answer that you're seeking? Why don't you begin to meditate and see what in yourself is rejecting the experience of love.

Your natal chart is a map of YOUR life, your psyche. If no love shows up there, it is only there because it is mirroring your own psychology.

Why not go inside and alter these beliefs? You think that because you know many people who are old and haven't found the love they are seeking that this proves your beliefs, but it doesnt. Many people live life with their eyes half closed. I always use the Tropical Zodiac. Finding Marriage in the Horoscope with Jamini Astrology. Vedic Astrologer Levi shares the forgotten techniques of Ancient Jamini Astrology, which researchers have been able to decode I will be interviewing fellow Vedic astrologer, Shreekala Ram!

She will be speaking at my conference on Jaimini Astrology In this video we will learn how to read a chart with the help of Dharma pada rules Let Truth descend on the True Seeker Jai In this playlist we will learn most important and most misunderstood core principles of Jaimini Astrology. We would like to caution Darakaraka grah kaun sa hota hae.

Darakaraka grah se Here is Where You Jaimini Astrology - Fundamentals of Jaimini Jyotish Principles A unique book, written to help the reader understand and grasp the Jaimini Astrology is an unique and most mysterious branch of astro-maths. It requires Sraddha and Seva qualities to master. Argala is a very important Jaimini Astrology technique for predicting success and a period in the person's life where they are He must understand the difference between passion and aggression.

With Atmakaraka Mars in birth chart, The control of energy and anger is most important. Mercury Atmakaraka-When Mercury is Atmakaraka, The person become very adaptable, quick learner, witty and intelligent. But he should be truthful and control his speech. Jupiter Atmakaraka- When Jupiter is Atmakaraka in Horoscope, The native should always respect his guru or seniors and care his children.

Free Vedic Birth Chart Analysis by Date of Birth

Jupiter is the Karaka for children, Guru, elderly person. So we should be concerned and careful about these aspect of life.


With Jupiter Atmakaraka we have to learn lessons about these areas of life. We have some unfinished Karma from past lives regarding the area Atmakaraka Jupiter signifies. Venus Atmakaraka-When Venus becomes Atmakaraka Planet, the person enjoys luxury, wealth and all sort of comfort in life.

But with Venus Atmakaraka, he should have very clean character and understand the difference between Love and Lust. Saturn Atmakaraka-This is a tough position. The person will not only absorb his pain and sufferings but also of others. It will give him the ability to work very hard. With Saturn Atmakaraka, the soul need to learn to overcome loneliness and harsh reality of life.

But this is good for spiritual growth. Rahu Atmakaraka-This is also a tough position. The person with rahu Atmakaraka may be cheated by others several time. He will be very simple and innocent.

But we must remember that Rahu is always retrograde. However other retrograde planets are calculated in the usual way For e. If this degree is greater than of any other planet, then Rahu Ketu will be considered the Atmakaraka. Retrograde Atmakaraka generally signifies some very deep rooted unfulfilled desire from not only past birth but from several births.


But Rahu as Atmakaraka Planet is also a very good for spiritual growth. If there is any connection either by conjunction or mutual aspect or exchange between Atmakaraka and amatyakaraka, it is a grand Raj Yoga.

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Amatyakaraka planet is the planet with second highest degree in birth chart.