Pisces 25 february horoscope 2020

I was recently heartbroken by a man I thought could be my potential life. It was my fault, I didn't prioritize him. Will I ever meet my life partner? Answered by rrrhhh from USA Aug. Is there a chance for us to reconcile?

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According to the Chinese zodiac prediction, your love compatibility index is high. If you still love him, you are suggested to pursue and insist on the relationship.

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Find an appropriate time and express your true feeling. Good luck! I'm not sure if it'll work with him. Is there any change i will find a life partner this year? Answered by Mason Aug. Yes, the prediction shows that you would find several chances in September this year. Me and My family is going through big financial crises due to heavy loans taken on huge interest by mom which she is unable to repay now.

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My mom date of birth is unknown, however based on my date of birth could you please let me know when will I be able to recover my losses and when is the good period for me start in terms of finances. DOB - 15 October Name Asma Fatima. Waiting for your urgent reply and in great need for your guidance. Thank you!!

Hi, Asma, you should keep the positive attitude all the time. The prediction shows that your wealth situation will change into a better stage in the end of and early Don't worry so much. Tailor My Trip. This represents comforts and luxuries. People living on rent can now build their own homes, while some Sagittarius natives can buy vehicles as well.

Your peace of mind will be felt by your near and dear ones too. Married people will receive much cooperation from their life partners. If your mother was facing from health-related problems, she will find some relief now. You can act childish to make her feel better. You will be successful in creating a good image in society as well.

Avoid arrogance and remember that anything that you do to show off will provide you with momentary joy but will start irritating you soon. So whatever good work you do, do it for your self-satisfaction, not to flaunt in front of others. The time is good for students as they will get good results. Mercury is transiting in your third house, which is associated with Gemini, according to Kalpurush Kundli. This transit will be very fruitful for you.

If you are looking for a job change after a long time, then trying now will get you success. An incident can bring changes to your life during this time, that will be positive for you. Your trait of working with full concentration will improve further and you will be able to perform better in various fields in life. From a social perspective, your status amongst people will become strong. Many will come to you for advice and your social circle will increase. Married people need to listen to their partners carefully.

If you take decisions without knowing everything, then that could become troublesome for you later on.

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Some Capricorn natives will become interested in religious activities during this time. Mercury, the significator of writing and communication, is transiting in your second house, due to which, sweetness will be incorporated in your speech.

You will be able to clearly express yourself and this clarity will attract people to you. Do not flow with your emotions if someone praises you.

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Staying in control will be more beneficial. Aquarians associated with singing and writing can work hard to improve their art. Economically, unnecessary expenditure can trouble you. The time is good for students as your interest in books will increase and you will read novels by good authors, alongside your curriculum books. Be cautious in family matters, and resolve problems with your intellect rather than emotions. Mercury will be transiting your own Zodiac sign, i. You will receive good results in domestic life during this transit. Topics like your future and marriage if you are of age can be discussed with your parents.

Married people will get enough time to spend with your life partner. The time is good for Pisceans in love as well, and any misunderstanding that may have occurred will be cleared. Businessmen will be successful in increasing their enterprise.

The time is especially good for people doing business in partnerships. Working professionals can get good results in this time and may even get a promotion. Remedy: Apply sandalwood tika to Lord Shri Krishna and apply white sandalwood tilak on your forehead.

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