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  • Free Marathi Kundli Software. Also available in various other languages.!

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Bangla Kundli Software

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Filter: All Freeware Demo. Free Kundli Software 1. License: Freeware Size: Free Marathi Kundli Software 1. AstroSage Kundli 2. Avro Keyboard 3. Free Bengali Astrology Software 1. Avro Keyboard Portable 5. Kundli for Windows - Pro Edition 4. Kundli is the life plan of an individual. All of us have a Kundali, which can help in understanding a lot of things.

Janam Kundali

That is why, AstroSage introduced the world with free Kundali software around 15 years ago. This Kundali making software has gained recognition around the world for providing most accurate and detailed predictions about an individual. If you wish to use the software regularly, mobile app will be very handy. The Kundli making app for Android and astrology app for iOS has some more fabulous features. Along with the correctness and precision, you may make Kundali in Hindi, English, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and many more languages.

We are unceasingly adding more languages. Apart from languages, Janam Kundli app has all the astrological features that you can think of. AstroSage Kundli software also has paid plans for astrologers as well as enthusiasts to allow them in saving unlimited birth charts and also in saving some calculations in the worksheet. This free Janam Kundali by date of birth and time is effective only when you have exact information.

Usually, people make mistake by putting wrong birth time, which eventually gives them the incorrect Kundali with absolutely irrelevant predictions. Check your Kundli chart now and prepare yourself for the upcoming adventures. Online Janam Kundli is easy to make. All you need is to put the right information and click on the submit button. Kundli prediction has its roots back from the Vedic times.

We have made sure that our free Kundali chart does every justice to the Vedic tradition.

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  7. Kundali (Kundli).
  8. AstroSage's free Kundli software provides more than 50 pages report, which covers almost all the aspects of your life. Kundli download is also not very difficult. Just find the download pdf button in your left options after making your detailed Kundali and click on it. If you manage to find a good website, checking Janam Kundli online is always a good idea. After all, astrology is like mathematics, and computer has lesser chances of making mathematical errors.


    We have various other free services that you may either explore on our website of mobile app. Free online Kundali software offers answers to the general queries, that is why we have got a panel of astrologers who answer your personalized question as a paid service. Online Kundli in Hindi has been most popular among all the languages we offer.

    Free Kundli Software

    Hence, we added a lot of content in Hindi language as per the requirement of our Hindi speaking users. Kundali making in Hindi is very simple.

    This free Janam Kundli in Hindi is no less from any other language. Random KP Number. Time Zone. Long Deg. Long Min. Lat Deg. Ayanamsa K. New K. Old N.

    Janam Kundali Software Online Free & Kundli Matching

    Lahiri B. Raman K. Khullar Sayan. Try Free Kundli Software Now. How To Get Your Free Kundli Ordering your free janam kundali analysis is an easy and simple task as long as you know your birth details.

    make janam kundali just a 2 minute from your android mobile अपने मोबाइल से जन्म कुंडली बनाये..

    In order to attain your free horoscope, simply follow the given instructions and fill in the kundli software: Enter your full name in the first dialogue box. Put in your date of birth in the separate date, month, and year boxes. Type the exact time of your birth. Enter your place of birth. Create Your Free Kundli Now.