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Gemstones are considered as an effective and easy way to sway the problematic conditions that one is going through. Only a skilled Jyotish can suggest you the correct and effective gem as per your difficulty.

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Offering Prayers to deities at home or in temples is considered as a major event in Hindu rituals. Puja is considered as source to gain positive energies and acquire relief from ill-effects of negative Karma. He holds an expertise in judging the planetary positions with respect to time and their impact on your life condition. Guruji suggests effective remedies to solve the situations arising of malefic planets.

As per the principles of Astrology nine planets or Navgraha, have a direct impact on the life condition of a human. To nullify the negative effect, Guruji suggests remedies which lay beneficial results.

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Jyotish Guru Deepak Ji preaches spiritualism as a way to obtain eternity and that peace of mind. He teaches as to how one can connect to the universal powers and acquire positivity in life. Belonging to an era, which corresponds to personal and professional pressures, an unhealthy and unstabilized body and mind, are common terms to come across. It is really important and necessary to remove these negative thoughts or concerns from the mind, in order to achieve a balance between the body and mind.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji explains causing to have an equilibrium between the mind and the body is essential for a peaceful and healthy living. The first step towards achieving the balance, starts with the realization that your body scales low on the energy level and you think of putting in effort to fine tune your body.

Master Deepak Ji suggests that the best way to tone out disturbances is by balancing chakras of your subtle body. He explains that meditation of the chakras will help find harmony between the mind and the body. Living in a time dominated by technology, chakra meditation seems to sound like something out of the square but the modern science provides evidence to support the beneficial ancient practice.

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Since, the ancient time it is emphasized that the human body exists in two forms: the physical body and the subtle body. Physical body is what you can see through your eyes, subtle body is non-physical. Master Deepak Ji explains chakras are a part of the subtle body. They are the energy centres of the body, where the energy channels of the body called nadi meet.

It is believed to be your Nadi through which your life force is controlled. As you channelize your chakras, your body will automatically feel uplifted and full of energy. Balancing chakras in other sense signifies revitalizing your energy levels. The subtle body is termed to have seven chakras. These seven chakras stretch from the tailbone base of the spine to just above the head.

The seven constituting zones of energy with the body are:. Before, we consider the benefits related to balancing of chakras in your life, it is important to understand that each of the chakra carries unique significance for the betterment of your life. Master Deepak Ji emphasizes that each of the chakra has a purpose to fulfil in your life, then be it building up confidence in you or imparting inner peace.

Deepak Ji explains that by balancing your chakras, you are overcoming imbalances related to your physical health, emotional swings and mental tensions. Balancing the flow of energy through the chakras signifies a complete hold over the body and mind and attaining eternity. Guruji suggests that blockage in the energy path can result in illness in that particular section of the human body.

Cleansing of the chakras can help prevent the energy from blocking and free the body from stagnant energy. This will finally help you heal and uplift your physical, spiritual and emotional state. You simply need to follow certain simple practices, in order to balance your chakras and lead a high life condition. Including a self-care routine, is what is required for the harmonization of body and mind.

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Master Deepak Ji suggests the following practices to cleanse and balance the chakras:. Master Deepak Ji suggests switching over to these practices and basing them with your chakras, will help you gain benefits for your body and mind. You will experience a healthy and balanced life. Like Him On facebook. Does astrology have something to do with how I move in and out of the fashion stores? Is it my zodiac sign that drives my way of choosing the outfits, the brands or colors that I prefer?

You may or may not be someone, who believes in the influence of sun signs in the way you dress yourself. Listed below are a few traits and fashion tips according to the Sun Signs, as advised by Master Deepak Ji:. Their style: The sun sign has an inclination towards the creative and cool side of fashion.

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They believe in the concept of mix and match. They might be following a signature style, still would make it look fresh. Their Style: They are all about comfort and ease. They will always pull out that one pair of jean, which is their favorite, but will club them with a smart blouse and coolest sneakers.

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  • Drew Lawrence Biography Drew is a successful author, speaker, Sanskrit scholar and Vedic astrological consultant. He has authored two books, The Way of Kings, detailing ancient leadership strategies that he translated from the original Sanskrit and Planetary Gemstones. In , Drew Lawrence set out on a personal journey. Almost forty years later, he finds himself still firmly treading that same path, significantly closer to the goal and appreciating every step of the adventure. As an experienced traveler on the path, he has been given the fortunate opportunity to help thousands of other wayfarers on their quest for their own Holy Grail.

    Steeped in the practical mysticism of the Sanskrit Vedas, and intuitively versed in the symbolism of Jungian psychological thought and active imagination, Drew has forged powerful tools with which he has developed his own distinctive methods of insight and transformation.

    Offering lectures and seminars on a variety of themes around the globe, Drew enjoys the distinction of having spoken on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. With clients throughout the world, Drew is a consultant to Fortune executives, crown princes, heads of state, United Nations envoys, diplomats, Ivy League professors, inventors, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, and entertainment celebrities.