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This Monday, February 6, worldly Jupiter takes his annual sabbatical, retreating through Libra until June 9. But, hello? Too fast! Too much!

Capricorn Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

Too insane! Libra is the sign that rules diplomatic affairs, peace treaties and also the balance of power in relationships. With Jupiter the gambler wearing this costume since last September 9, world leaders have taken a lot more risks in this arena to put it mildly. But with the red-spotted planet in retrograde, the naked Emperor will be harder to cloak. Truths that have been covered up or candy coated could be revealed in a big way between now and June 9. As Jupiter coasts for four months, we have an opportunity to mend fences both on the personal and political stage.

How can you bring more peace, cooperation, and harmony to your own daily life?

The Capricorn full moon on Tuesday is an invitation to check in with your goals.

Begin there while keeping the mission of world peace alive. On Tuesday, communication planet Mercury shifts from conventional Capricorn to quirky Aquarius until February Keep the proverbial lab coat handy! New ideas and inventions flood. Sharing is caring under the influence of community-spirited Aquarius, and Mercury helps us forge new bonds both online and in real time. This one is a lunar full moon eclipse in Leo and the first in a two-year series to hit the Leo-Aquarius axis.

The Capricorn full moon on Tuesday is an invitation to check in with your goals.

Glamour, romance, passion and more! Eclipses are harbingers of change, speeding up inevitable actions and pushing us to look in new directions. On a literal level, an eclipse reveals a shadow—and that can be read metaphorically, too. We may get a front row seat to the underside of life during eclipses; but these are things we actually NEED to see. How can we preserve our individuality and still be part of the collective human race? Can we enjoy luxury responsibly—and sustainably? These questions are on the table in a big way now—and they could be answered with resurgence in the arts, activism, and technological advances.

Dispatches From the Stars: Your Weekly Horoscope (February 5–February 11)

When united in the best possible way, the hybrid of Aquarius and Leo can bring a full-on revolution of love. Wanderlust would like to email you useful information about our events, products, partners and services. Since eclipses can reveal hidden opportunities, look around! An influential person may be standing by, eager to support a mission like the one you're working on.

Plans can accelerate quickly under this rocket-powered lunar lift, so keep your hands on the wheel and your eye on the road!

Summer lovin' might not be such a casual thing this week as ardent Venus makes contact with three heavy-hitting outer planets. For one thing, Venus is drifting through sensitive Cancer, making feelings far more tender than usual. But on Wednesday, serious Saturn in Capricorn will face off with la love planet, followed by an opposition from "projector" Pluto also in Capricorn on Sunday.

These dynamic duels will hold up the mirror, and—warning—you might not like what you see. But before you go pointing the finger, look within! Sure, there may be obvious "design flaws" in your partnerships, whether they're for pleasure or business or another purpose. But these oppositions remind you that the change starts with YOU.

On Friday, when Venus forms a harmonious trine with spiritual Neptune, you could go one of two ways. You'll either slip deeper down the rabbit hole of illusion, falling into victimhood and refusing to see the situation clearly, or pull back to the wide-angled view and have an epiphany about why this is happening and what this angst-filled moment is meant to teach you about yourself. If you can embrace the ups and downs as teachable moments, your most important bonds will flourish.

And the ones that are meant to fall away? Dust in the wind.

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With all the forward-moving momentum of Tuesday's eclipse and the complex choreography of Venus, it's essential to remember one thing: Mercury is retrograde this week. And that means making ANY sort of sudden move is not recommended. Since July 7, the speedy messenger has been backtracking through dramatic Leo, so you're bound to hear and make! On Friday, Mercury retrograde slides back one spot on the game board, retreating into sensitive Cancer for the rest of its retrograde, until July On top of figuring out what's right for YOU, you'll now have to consider everyone's tender emotions.

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Did I say that the right way? Did I step on your toes? Oops, oops, oops. Have your "mea culpa" apology speech ready, because even the best explanation in the world will be deemed unacceptable when everyone is THIS keyed up. It might be best to use this part of the retrograde for what it's good for: reuniting with old friends and family, hanging out at the beach, or working by the pool.

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