Gemini and gemini are they compatible

This couple could talk each other around in circles all night long.

Mercury or Hermes in Greek mythology was a traveller; Gemini shares that love for variety in places and conversation topics. Be warned, two-headed Twins — the gift of gab could be misinterpreted as gossip.

Gemini Work Compatibility: The Thrill Seeker

Learning to use the gift of communication in a positive way is key. Gemini is an Air Sign, and thus responds to the world and to their romantic partner with a more rational than emotional focus. Their short attention spans cause them to burn out sometimes, but two Geminis together burn out at the same time! And, of course, that Gemini creativity will dream up a new scheme a moment later.

Aries and Gemini

Gemini is a Mutable Sign. Their flexible, easy-going natures make the four of them a perfect couple.

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These two have mastered the art of compromise; two Mutable signs together can easily form a conflict-free union. Just about the only thing that may lead to a real argument is a discussion that has gone out of hand; luckily, Gemini quickly realizes the insignificance of proving a point — and of fighting in general. The enormous amount of intellectual energy and stimulation they provide one another.

They are able to save one another from leading a mundane existence.

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  • Gemini and Gemini Compatibility!

Together they can entertain the world and accomplish more than either could alone. Looking for guidance? Click here to start free psychic chat. Clairvoyant, Crystal Reading, An seismic shift happens when twins meet twins — as mutable zodiac signs they want instant gratification and instantly spot a like soul. In that moment immediate surroundings become boring and uninspiring and they shoot off to go hot air ballooning or take a train to an unknown destination together.

Gemini Ratings

Even when Gemini is the host or star guest they still abandon all and sundry to fan the sparks of passion with another Gemini. They would rather spend money on in the moment experiences rather than planning for the future and are always nipping overseas together or grabbing seats at the latest theatrical extravaganza. Ruled by fleet footed mercury — friends will find it hard to pin them down or keep up with the latest adventure.

As creatives Gemini also may be unwilling to compromise their artist integrity which results in limited funds for new experiences. Resentment builds when the twins realize friends have out grown them are now comfortable enough to take chances and be spontaneous. They often start blaming each other for lack of adulthood. You both need a wide range of friends to break up the monotony — if you fail to return calls or RSVP invitations, the sharp acid Gemini tongue turns on each other out of boredom.

Sparks will fly and things suddenly get very hyperactive.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Gemini Woman

These two organize dinner parties, games nights, group week ends away because they like to see how their wide and diverse group of friends reacts to new blood. The romance happens at such a furious speed that things can fizzle out by next week — just hang onto your hats, its going to be a bumpy ride. They orchestrate plenty of robust arguments simply because words are used as weapons and foreplay.

They want different positions, surroundings and toys — expect intellectual stimulation before and after and are flexible enough to get through a good deal of the Karma Sutra by Thursday.

The problem here is their low boredom threshold and a danger of sex just becoming a bunch of tricks or stunts. In an attempt to avoid stagnating Gemini may invite others into the bedroom or suggests an open relationship. To keep things sane they must learn how to enjoy simple moments of intimacy like holding hands, foot massages and spooning.

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